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Pengalaman itu penting. 100% terjamin.

Mengapa memilih kami?

Why Contract with us?

There are lots of Visa agencies, Immigration attorneys and consultants to choose from. So why us?

Several reasons really. First and foremost, it’s our integrity, ethics and old-fashioned personal service. You will be dealing with the owner of the company, not a 3- or 4-month trainee. Not an Immigration attorney’s legal secretary, not an individual who hasn’t actually done this themselves.

I started this company in Thailand over 17 years ago and have serviced thousands of visas over those years. I have Immigrated my Thai wife and Stepdaughter to the USA, got their green cards and US Citizenship. I know every one of my clients personally and continue to get a substantial amount of my business from their referrals. We have hundreds of unsolicited testimonials of our service, and some are posted on our web site. WE POST our fees. No secrets or charge different fees to different clients based on their circumstances. We tell it like it is with no strings attached. It is what it is and we’ll be honest and upfront with you, our client. There won’t be any surprises.

We’re always available to you for a chat or explanation of your case. And we hope to stay friends far beyond your visa approval. OH, and speaking of approval, we have a 99.7% success rate on our K1 fiancé and CR1/IR1 marriage visa’s. We also offer a 100% guarantee on our work.

So, just ask yourself this question: Do you want to work with a firm who has experience, not only in business, but personally OR with a firm who only does this for the financial reward? We like what we do, and you’ll experience a personal touch you’ll get nowhere else.

Hope we can help.

Jim Styers


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