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We take great pride in offering our clients a personal service rarely found in this industry. Ask around, you won’t be disappointed.


The following are unsolicited excerpts from e-mails received. They are on record.  We are always pleased to hear from our satisfied and very happy clients after the paperwork is done, the visas approved, and they are happy together in America.




Jim, good news ..thank you…I think I’ll enjoy my night and have a few.. Thank you for your quick response as always.


You and your staff are the best. Big thank you to you and Ning for making this process so easy.

Please if you ever need a referral don’t hesitate to give my number or email out. We will keep you posted on our journey.

Thank you!




Tim Hughes

Hello Jim & Ning,


I talked to Wipada this morning after her interview and approval of the K1 Visa. I asked Wipada if her passport was going to be return via mail and she didn’t know the answer. I asked Wipada to call Ning for more information on how her passport will be returned.

Also, I wanted to personally thank both of you for all your help during this K1 Visa process. To say I am satisfied would be an understatement!

Thanks again, Tim Hughes




Thank you Jim. I just wanted let you know that I been very happy with you service and accommodating my needs. I appreciate It.





Leslie & Lawan Harbour

Hello Jim & Ning,


Lawan’s passport came in the mail this morning, 10 yr. Tourist Visa. They also send back some of the documents apparently not needed, like the Abandonment of Green Card, while others they kept. Lawan elected to have her interview conducted in Thai, which went well and there could no misunderstanding.

Just wanted to say thank you, that was the last flaming hoop we had to jump through. You can be certain I’ll recommending to others, and posting our success on the appropriate forums. I’ll also write a review on your site. Doing business with you both was one of the most pleasurable experiences we have had in trying to get this life in order.

Have a great day.

Take Care Leslie & Lawan Harbour



Kongpop Satchakorn

Dear Lookwah and Jim,


I have had the privilege to be assisted by your company and I’m very satisfied all through and through.

You guys work with sufficient knowledge of how to obtain the visa which I’m really impressed, besides your hospitality is quite impressive as well. I have got my visa today and i just wanna say thank you for everything.

Best Regards, Kongpop Satchakorn




Hello Jim,


Yes, I woke up to a great surprise Wednesday morning! Forgot to send you an email about it in all my excitement. I thank you and Khun Ning for your services. I will consider using your services for the green card phase.






Dear Sir,


Thank you for response. I am grateful to your company and staff for: 1- being honest with me about the possibility of obtaining a tourist visa for Kannika and 2- Telling me specifically what requirements need to be met in order to obtain an American visa for her.

I will recommend your company and services to anyone who might need to acquire a visa. Thank you




Ray J

Thanks. That is exactly what I was hoping that you would say.


I have really appreciated your help in this matter.






I just wanted to touch base and let you know I appreciate helping Jules and I with the K1 Visa.

The process so far has been very smooth and seems to be moving along quickly.

Take care,




Mike and Joon



Thanks Jim


Needless to say we’re pretty happy right now. We felt confident enough to have already given notice to our landlord and booked our flight in March.


Thanks to you and Lookwah for all the help and hand holding . We’ll stay in touch.


Mike and Joon





Hi Jim,


Many thanks for your precious help,

We are now able to plan the trip…perfect job,

Thanks a lot







Jim, good news ..thank you…I think I’ll enjoy my night and have a few.. Thank you for your quick response as always. You and your staff are the best . Big thank you to you and Ning for making this process so easy. Please if you ever need a referral  don’t hesitate to give my number or email out.  We will keep you posted on our journey.

Thank you! – Jim




Hello Jim,


Thanks Jim to you and Lookwah for all the help.  We are very excited to finally get the visa.  It went really quickly and smoothly.

Cheers, Mark



Brian S.

Thanks a million, Jim. I am on cloud 9, really. And many thanks to Lookwah too. I love her name! It sort of sums up Thailand! Heeheehee!


She helped Dao very much.




Hey Jim, I understand that the medical appointment went well and the paperwork has been sent to the embassy so Mui can receive her Visa, all great news! Can you give me an estimated timeline of when she will actually have her Visa in hand and ready for me to purchase tickets? I have to submit paperwork through the Navy to get time off and they have to send paperwork to the embassy in Thailand to let them know I’m coming.


Also where is a good site to purchase plane tickets for 1 person to Thailand and 2 people from Thailand to USA. Is there anything I might need to bring with me in order to bring Mui back with me? We’ll keep in touch! I see the light!! Thanks to you and Lookwah for EVERYTHING you have done for us, means more than you will ever know.






I just want to say thank you for helping us along the journey. You gave us that peace of mind, and I appreciate it. If you can be of any further service, we will definitely let you know!

We will ABSOLUTELY stay in touch and send you that picture! I’ll keep you posted on my police status and how life develops for her and I over the coming months/year. I’m still very serious about Texas, and we will probably move there by late November/early December.

Thank you on behalf of both Farwy and I, you were a great service. If you have any means of allowing us the chance to spread the word, let me know.

Eventually, at some point, Farwy and I will travel back to Thailand to visit her family again. We will stop by and say hello and I’ll enjoy the opportunity to thank you in person for the support.

Jim, here’s to the future. Thank you again for helping us get this far.




That really helps a lot Jim. I’ll work on getting print outs of my 2010, 2011 and 2012 payroll records. That shouldn’t be a problem. And yes it’s way under the “exempted” amount. Thanks God for your knowledge in this area!!!


Getting ready to go home. Will talk to you soon.



Robert F.

Hi Jim I sure appreciate all of your and Lookwah’s help with this process, I certainly am glad I chose you and your company, and look forward to using some of your other services in the future. I will not hesitate to give any one that may ask a 110% recommendation.!!! Thank You




Jim, if you ever want ‘testimonial’ from a client let me know


I was originally thinking it would be a huge waste of money to use a service, but I am glad I did now- and I would be willing to tell that to other potential customers, to help convince them to do it

It has been great to be able to ask questions from a live person who knows- that alone is worth it, and your responsiveness is excellent!




L. Bowers

Hello, Thank you so very much for the information! You have been so kind and thoughtful. I appreciate it!




Patrick & Nokgeaw

Hi Jim,


That’s the plan — we’re not planning on having kids anytime soon but were just curious how that scenario would play out if it crept up on us. I agree; best practice is to be careful haha!

By the way, thanks for the incredibly helpful and dedicated service you’ve provided Nokgeaw and me so far — we’re super happy we went with you guys, and are very optimistic about the whole process going well thanks to being in your capable hands!



James T.

Jim is working on my Thai girlfriends K-1 visa as we speak. The service that Jim has provided me with his company has been GREAT. Please keep in mind that at any time when I’ve had questions no matter how big or small Jim and his staff had the answers.


Jim has a cell number, office number and is on Skype for anything that you may need from him or his staff. I also looked at several other visa places before going with Jim and his company.

Next month I get married in my Thai girlfriend’s village in Udon Thani and I’ve invited Jim to attend. Jim treats you like his family and I have nothing but great things to say about him as a man and the services that he provides through his company.

If you have any further questions please feel free to ask me at anytime.




Randy L.

Thanks Jim,


We appreciate you very much. Let me know if I can go on your website and post positive / success ratings.

Regards, Randy

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